Decadent Fans


Decadent Fans, wallpaper, 2015.

Decadent Fans has a strong visual impact. Rectilinear and curvilinear shapes, that instantly catch the eye, are icons of the Art Déco style. The general composition fosters two opposite design strategies: either the classical repetition of patterns, or a solution that embodies the passing of time by means of a configuration evoking the mood of the loss of Autumn leaves.
In the second case, the background displays the irregular ageing of the paper as well as the natural motifs and the graphics of the fans recall a style of yore. The random spots in the background finishing bring memories of the original colour “Burgundy” of the wallpaper. The display of the passing of time is further supported and complemented by the foreground: the arrangement of the four graphic elements (1. the sticks, 2. the feathers of peacock, 3. the spiral grass blades, 4. the tulips) can never be complete, due to the temporal decay of the elements themselves.