Mr Brown for Sitia


Side Table

for Sitia


Mr Brown is a versatile piece of furniture that combines both style and functionality in one product.

The name is due to John Brown personal attendant and favourite of Queen Victoria for many years. The basic idea is that of a small table which can act as an executive assistant, holding your phone and keys in the entryway or serving up a hot coffee in its catch-all tray.

Mr Brown consists of two long metal stems mounted on a marble base and supporting two distinct tops. Its design is a kind of visual representation of Sitia brand identity since the shape of the tops reminds the dots of the logo. The dodecahedron base shines bright like a diamond giving that final touch of glamour and even luxury.

The two different heights of the tops are designed to fit neatly nearby a couch, an armchair or a bed. In this way, Mr Brown can be used as a coffee table in the living room, as a nightstand in the bedroom or as a side table in a modern lounge. The whole design is completed by a wood catch-all tray that is the perfect place for keys, loose change, or cigarette butts. The tray can be lifted and used as an individual piece for easy transport of items, including your breakfast cereal and glass of orange juice.