Tobi for REXITE





Tobi is an iconic sofa designed to be irresistible.

Tobi sofa picks up on the idea of the stepping stones of the Japanese Zen garden, called “tobi-ishi” (飛石). Before the tea ceremony, the visitor has to cross the classical Japanese garden walking on a stepping stone path. While walking down the way to the tea house, the guests have time to leave their everyday life behind and prepare mentally for the tea ceremony to come. Tobi is a small architecture that seems to float in the room, just like the “tobi-ishi” stones in the Japanese gardens. I designed Tobi’s solid wood feet as the pillars of this architecture. Like in a Zen garden, Tobi coaxes those who take a seat into taking their minds off everyday life, inviting them to sink into a softness that welcomes and supports the body.

Tobi comes in different upholstery versions, from eco-leather or leather to fine fabrics like velvet and wool, up to upholstery made with recycled PET collected from the ocean. The Tobi collection fabric covers are technically removable.

Tobi is available in three sizes. Its sophisticated appeal and softness fit in a house as well in the hotel industry, contract sector and contemporary lounge spaces.

Collaborators: Stefano Benfatto, Matteo Michielin